INA260 High or Low Side Voltage, Current, Power Sensor

INA260 High or Low Side Voltage, Current, Power Sensor

Art.Nr.: ADA-4226
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With this you can measure high or low side DC current, the bus voltage, and have it automatically calculate the power. It can do so over impressive voltage, current, and temperature ranges with better than 1% accuracy, all while delivering the data in an easy to use format over I2C. It is compatible with 3V or 5V logic and can measure bus voltages up to +36VDC. Not for use with AC voltages.

The INA260 with it's integrated precision shunt resistor it can be used to measure as much as +36V at up to 15A continuous on either the high or low side. The voltage across the integrated 2 milliohm (.002 ohms!), 0.1% shunt resistor is measured by the internal 16 bit ADC, allowing for measurements over the impressive current range with a resolution of 1.5 mA.

More information is available on the website of Adafruit.

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