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Sirio GP 868 C LoRa Outdoor Antenna



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This Sirio outdoor antenna is well suited to LoRaWAN gateways.  The frequency range is 838-900 MHz, no tuning required and the gain is 3 dBd (5.14 dBi).

The main whip and the radials are made of stainless steel and its base of chromed brass to get the best robustness for outdoor use. It is supplied with a pole mounting kit and all the required hardware for mounting outside on a mast.

A female N-connector is located on the bottom of the antenna. See below for a suitable cable.

The specifications and mounting instructions can be found in the Manual.


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Sirio, Sirio GP 868 C LoRa Outdoor Antenna, 2107006.00/868, Antennen, Zubehör