LDDS04 LoRaWAN Node for 4 Distance Sensors

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The Dragino LDDS04 is a LoRaWAN 4-Channels Distance Sensor for Internet of Things solution. It is capable to add up to four Ultrasonic Sensors to measure four distances at the same time.

It detects the distance between the measured object and the sensor, and uploads the value via wireless to LoRaWAN IoT Server.

LDDS04 is powered by 8500 mA Li-SOCI2 battery. It is designed for long term use up to 10 years, depending on network coverage, uplink interval and other factors.

Each LDDS04 pre-loads with a set of unique keys for LoRaWAN registrations, register these keys to local LoRaWAN server and it will auto connect if there is network coverage, after power on.

LDDS04 is supplied without sensors. You can select and order the distance sensors from the products list below.

More information is available in the datasheet and on the website of Dragino.

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