Qwiic Thermocouple Amplifier - MCP9600 (PCC Connector)

Qwiic Thermocouple Amplifier - MCP9600 (PCC Connector)

Art.Nr.: SEN-16294
1-2 Wochen


The MCP9600 Breakout is a high accuracy Thermocouple Amplifier equipped with an I2C interface, accessed over the Qwiic system. Inside the chip are two temperature sensors, one for the thermocouple itself (the hot junction) and one for the chip itself (the cold junction). As a result, the MCP9600 can read both the ambient temperature and the temperature of whatever you're want to measure. The MCP9600 can do both with a resolution of 0.0625°C, and an accuracy of ±1.5°C.

This version of the board comes equipped with a PCC connector to accept a K-type thermocouple.

Sparkfun has written an Arduino library to help you get started quickly.

More information is available on the websute of Sparkfun.

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